Health benefits of brinjal /eggplant
08NOV2018 10:29PM

Health benefits of brinjal

Lot of us do not like the taste of this vegetable but when cooked well it’s delicious to serve. Yes, I am talking about Brinjal that some of us remove often form our food. They are extremely high on nutrients. There are many health benefits of brinjal that are unknown.  We shall see few health benefits of brinjal as follows:

Brinjals helps weight loss

Brinjals are low in calories and are useful in weight loss plan. Brinjals are rich in fibre and eating a small serving can make us feel full and prevent from overeating.

Helps quitting tobacco

Another important benefit of brinjal is that it contains nicotine that helps in quitting tobacco.

Prevents heart disease

Thanks to a substance called chlorogenic acid that has cholesterol busting properties. With many nutrients and bioflavonoids they control hypertension and releases stress and thus preventing us from heart disease.

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