Do You Know What’s Sweating And Why We Sweat?

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  • Do you know what is sweating and why we sweat?
  • 16feb2019 10:25pm

Once our body temperature increases beyond the normal level, ‘Hypothalamus’ the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling the body temperature sends signals to sweat. The sweat is excreted from the sweat glands in the body. The sweat majorly consists of water and traces of urea and salts. Sweating is your body’s way of getting rid of excess body heat, which is produced by metabolism, working muscles, stress etc.,

Sometimes excessive sweating occurs due to hormonal imbalances, overactive thyroid glands, strained nervous system in such cases medical advice should be sort. Those who sweat a lot due to stress can try practicing yoga to prevent stress. Increase the intake of water. Practice drinking cool fruit juices and lemonades.

Bathe at least twice a day in cold water. avoid wearing synthetic tight fitting clothes. Avoid too much of exposure to hot temperatures. Mind your stress levels. Maintaining personal hygiene is most important.

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